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  President Trump Answers Questions on Impeachment  CSPAN  November 16, 2019 12:50am-12:58am EST

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aid to ukraine legally. >> may be clear . -- let me be clear. trumpcer: president answered a few questions on the impeachment proceedings, whether he was witness tampering due to his tweeting. he was trying to intimidate ambassador you manage, and -- ambassador marie yovanovitch and if you think he will be impeached.
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it is really sad when you see people not allowed to as questions, nobody has ever had such horrible due process. there was no due process. think it is considered a joke all over washington and all over the world. the republicans are given no due process whatsoever. we're not allowed to do anything. it is a disgrace what's happening. the american public understands it and that is why the poll numbers are so good and other things are so good. what they are doing in washington with that hearing. is a political process, not a legal process. if i have somebody saying i am allowed to speak up, we are not allowed to have any kind of representation, we are not allowed to have almost anything, and nobody has seen anything like it in the history of our country. there has never been a disgrace like what is going on right now. so you know what?
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ihave the right to speak, have freedom of speech just as other people do. but have taken away the ights.ican's r they weren't even allowed to as questions, republicans. it is a very sad thing. reporter: for your trying to intimidate ambassador made -- were you trying to intimidate a massacre marie yovanovitch? pres. trump: -- intimidate ambassador marie yovanovitch? pres. trump: yesterday, i wasn't able to watch much because we had the president of turkey here. i watched some of it this morning. i thought it was a disgrace. when we have great republican representatives, people elected by the people that are not even allowed to ask a question or make a statement, not allowed to have witnesses, not allowed to have legal counsel, it's a disgrace and an embarrassment to our nation.
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reporter: [indiscernible] pres. trump: quiet. quiet. please. reporter: [indiscernible] >> i don't think so at all. reporter: you think you will get impeached? pres. trump: shouldn't be. i thought less night it ended, because last night i was in louisiana -- less night -- last night, it ended, because last night i was in louisiana. a statement that was just made by the foreign minister and president of the ukraine, they came out loud and clear that there was no leakage whatsoever, not even a little bit. you all saw it. that ends the impeachment. you people don't even report i t. the press is unbelievably dishonest. put out by the president of ukraine and the
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foreign minister of ukraine, and you don't even reported. it's a disgrace. there was absolutely no linkage, we had a perfect conversation, and i also, because of , generally, i also put out today a statement. in the statement, we released, read the greates call, it was a very nice call. everybody said it was perfect. it was equally as good as the other call. and put it out today -- i put it up today and nobody wants to report it. if we had an honest person this country, we would be so well served. when i look at your approval numbers, they are the worst they have ever been in the history of our country, the media. the approval numbers are
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.orrible you want to put back -- you want to put yourself back in a position where people respect the media again. there is a lot of dishonesty. many of you, i just consider members of the democrats. it's a shame. announcer: after today's open hearing with ambassador marie yovanovitch, committee members heard more closed-door testimony from david holmes, who worked in ukraine. he testified about it conversation he said he heard about president trump -- between president trump and the ambassador to the you discussing ukraine's president. more closed-door depositions are scheduled in the coming days and public hearings resume next week. announcer: next week i'm on the committee and chair adam schiff continue public impeachment
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hearings beginning tuesday morning at 9:00 a.m. eastern on c-span3. watch jennifer williams, aid to mike pence, and lieutenant colonel alexander vindman, and the special u.s. envoy to ukrainian national security council aid to morrison. 10 someone it continues with u.s. ambassador to the european union gordon sondland. 2:30, deputy assistant secretary of defense for russian ukrainian and affairs undersecretary of state for political affairs. on thursday at 9:00 a.m. eastern, the committee will hear testimony from fiona hill, the senior director for europe and russia. must the first two public hearings in their entirety on our website, you will also find just
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-- transfer and features that identifies key moments during the hea -- during the hearings. announcer: washington journal mugs are available at c-span's new online store. c-span's store and see all of the c-span products. theuncer: earlier today on second day of open testimony in the impeachment inquiry, the house intelligence committee heard from former u.s. ambassador to ukraine marie yovanovitch. the meeting will come to order. good morning, everyone. this is the second in a series of public hearings the committee will be holding as